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Neuro Central will be a base where people living with neurological conditions can get help, support and advice in a friendly, relaxed environment, so nobody has to feel alone!​​

         Heather Wilson
       Neuro Central Chair

My name is Heather Wilson. I was born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada,
and lived in Nova Scotia for a number of years.
I am married to a Scots/Canadian and have 3 daughters. I recently retired after 30 years working as a
Pharmacy Technician for NHS Forth Valley Pharmacy Services.
I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis in 2009, then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011. The lead up to my diagnosis was a very confusing and frustrating period in my life. I’ve always been very active, enjoying jogging, cycling & kayaking, so it was a difficult time trying to understand how I was going to remain active and best manage my symptoms. I’m very lucky to have fantastic support from the
team of the MS Services in Tayside.
I am keen to support the vision of Neuro Central and helping others with neurological conditions, just knowing you are not alone and being able to talk to others who understand, is a good starting point.

Jackie Paterson
Vice Chair
Jane Logan
I'm Jane Logan, originally from Manchester however lived in Scotland longer than I lived in England. Have two grown up girls keeping me on my toes and a beautiful little Minature Schnauzer called Maya. Diagnosed with Ms eventually in 1997 notes read suspected Ms since 1991. Gave up work 6 years ago but keep busy meeting friends and gardening. Really excited about Neuro Central and what we can offer and how we can all support each other.

Moira McDonald
 Assistant Treasurer

Hi I'm Moira McDonald. I grew up in East Kilbride but have lived in Dunblane since 1991.I am married to Kenneth and I have 3 grown up kids - Andrew is in the RAF, Catriona is a Primary School Teacher
and Nicola works for Active Stirling
I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and had to give up work shortly afterwards as my employers were not very sympathetic. I love being part of Neuro Central and especially the support you get from other members

Fiona Graham

My name is Fiona Graham. I  am
married with 2 daughters.  I was diagnosed with Multiple
Sclerosis in 2007. I have worked as a medical secretary since
I was 18 and then whilst bringing up my family.  My diagnosis was straightforward and I have had a good experience with the MS service in Forth Valley.  I consider myself lucky as I am well enough to work full-time. 

As I am still working I find it hard to get to any MS related groups.  I find social media – Facebook group and Neuro Central are of great benefit for support and meeting
others in a similar situation.

Shelia Doogan
Research & Development Officer

Hi I am Sheila Doogan, I recently retired as a freelance literacies worker and facilitator.  In my spare time I enjoy crafting.   I have been involved in Neuro Central since the start and am committed to making it a success.
I was diagnosed with MS in 2000, although a shock at first, I have learned to live with it and deal with the challenges that it brings.  I have been a drummer with SheBoom women’s drumming band for 23 years and think that drumming is very therapeutic and helps me to stay connected! 
​ I live in Perthshire, where I receive excellent support.
My vision for Neuro Central is to have a place where people can get support, therapies and meet others, who share similar experiences so they don’t have to feel alone when dealing with their condition.

Glenda Douglas - Administration Assistant

Hi I’m Glenda Douglas.  I’m 54 years old and have lived in Dunblane for 25 years.  I am married with two grown up children and work as an Administrator for a trade association three days a week.  I came to know about Neuro Central through Moira McDonald (Assistant Treasurer) and believe the charity is providing a very worthwhile service to those with neurological conditions.  I am keen to help Neuro Central progress and continue to provide the excellent services it currently offers to its members.

Joanne Rae
SVE Liaison

My name is Joanne Rae. Born in Australia, went to school in South Africa and then moved to Scotland before becoming a surveyor in the British Army. I am married to my wonderful supportive husband Michael and I am the proud mother of two grown up sons.  
I have been working in the Third Sector for over twenty years as a Volunteer Manager. Last 12 years with Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise. The Third Sector Interface in Stirling.

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis in 2000, an inflammatory arthritis similar to Rheumatoid arthritis. This unfortunetly delayed even further than usual a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.
I have experienced firsthand the support of the members of Neuro Central and hope that others feel as welcome as I do.
Catriona McDonald
 Social media

  Hi I’m Catriona the social media coordinator for Neuro Central. I am a primary teacher for Stirling council. I got involved with Neuro Central due to my mother having MS and being a founding member of this charity. I have supported the charity for a while before taking up a committee post and have even done a skydive for it.

Cristina Wilkie
Volunteer Coordinator
(Friends of Neuro Central)

Hi I’m Cristina Wilkie, aged 48.

I moved to Auchterarder from Glasgow with my family in 1984, when my parents bought ‘The Top Shop’ (chip shop) – it’s there that I met my husband Ian (he was a customer), we have no family!

Leaving school at 16, I trained for a couple of years as a hairdresser (at Gleneagles), and then accepted I was sadly not cut out to follow in my mum’s footsteps.  I went to college in Perth where I did a secretarial course which is the path I followed.  I’ve had a varied employment history from Game & Venison, Art glass & latterly Whisky – where every day was a ‘school day’ in my varied roles covering sales (home/export), marketing, production, logistics & accounts – I loved it.

‘They’ reckon my MS journey started back in the early 1990’s when I experiences problems with my eyes, things appeared to settle down until about 10 years ago when I had mobility issues.  Eventually when I was ‘between’ jobs about 5 years ago I went to discuss things with my GP, then the ball started rolling & got diagnosis in September 2014.  After a few weird ‘driving’ experiences I now only really drive locally.

Since finishing work I started a course on 'volunteering' & have been involved with a few charities which have given me a new lease of life.  I have been to MS groups which made me feel rubbish so stopped.  Last year I was doing a Google search & came upon Neuro Central (NC), Bridge of Allan & Stirling but talked myself out of doing something about it at the time – how was I going to get there etc., etc. then this summer when the sessions were on a break I saw an advert for NC in the free magazine Living Local’ I got through my door – I decided the time was right as sessions were going to start in Auchterarder in September 2017, so called them & spoke to Heather. I went to Bridge of Allan & immediately experienced the ‘feel good factor’ as everyone was so friendly – as they say ‘& the rest of history’!